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Tyson and Max's Journal

16th August, 2003. 4:16 pm. Day off! HOORAY!!! ^^

We're finally getting a break! THANK GOD!

We've been training non-stop for the new season. Kenny has been really strict about our schedules, and some of the others are starting to get really irriated, so the Chief finally gave us a day off. ^^

I tried to talk everyone into going swimming at the beach, but Rei claimed he didn't 'like the water'. Tyson says he just doesn't know how to swim, but I don't know...

I think he and Kai might just have other plans. Kai said swimming was for babies, and that he was going to stay behind and continue training, but when Rei decided not to come with us, Kai got a strange look on his face.

I think it might have been a smile!

LOL!!! Maybe I should talk Tyson into heading back to the hotel early tonite so we can spy on them and see what those two are up to! Right noe, though, all I wanna do is hit the beach! YAY!!!!!

Current mood: cheerful.

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5th February, 2003. 1:50 pm. yay!!!

well rei dind't kill me he just chassed me and attacked me and then we fighted for awhile. it was fun!!! don't rememmer the last time i got to fight like that. we were punching and yelling and i think rei bited me. i got this wierd marc on my shoilder but it might just be from maxie i dun know. anyways after we both beet up lei we were tired of fighitng so we had an arm wrestle then fell into the pool nad got wet. rei grabbed me and started screaming but i saved him....... he can thnk me l8r by giving me his dessert!!!


Current mood: good.

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3rd February, 2003. 3:58 pm. Hungry...

I wish Kai hadn't sat on my Twinkies... I'm sooo hungry!

That's the problem with taking a cruise with both Tyson AND Gary! It's hard enough to get a fair share of food with Tyson around, but with Gary there too, I'm lucky if I can get two spoonfuls!

I love Tyson to death, but I love my pancakes too..... *sigh* Is this what Oliver meant when he said real, loving relationships require a lot of sacrafices? Maybe me and Tyson should only date between meals.....

Current mood: hungry.

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2nd February, 2003. 4:18 pm. uh oh

i juts brook the ps2

kingdim harts was in it

memorie card got completly erased

rei is gonna kill me!!!!!

(who hopes 2 b alive 2 post in the futur)

Current mood: scared.

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26th January, 2003. 7:22 pm. :D

click 2 c hotest guy evar!!!!Collapse )

Current mood: amused.

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23rd January, 2003. 2:38 am. YAY!!! We're going on a TRIP!!!

LOL!!! Remind me to start bugging Tyson to use the spellcheck before he posts something! :D

The boat is SOO much fun though! It's so great to see everyone again! I'm so excited! I wish Kenny could have come, but he's right. Two weeks of seasickness probably -wouldn't- be that much fun. Oh well! I'm having a great time!

Robert won't let us share rooms, but me and Tyson have a plan..... we just won't go to bed! We're going to bring our pillows and blankets into the games room and camp out there! :D
Plus, then I might actually get a chance to play some Kingdom Hearts! Rei has been hogging it since we got here, which is NOT cool! Sure, Animal Crossing is fun, but I really want to play with Donald. He reminds me of Tyson a little.... only not as cute! *heart eyes*

Hmm.... now that I think about it, I better go start grabbing some snacks, if we're both going to last all night in the games room. Tyson's appetite is almost as big as Gary's!!! :D


Current mood: bouncy.

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23rd January, 2003. 12:16 am. party!!!!!!!!

me an maxie r on robert's boat and its lots of fun. good food, good peeps and really good food!!!!! the only thing missin is a beybattle, dragoon needs some action!!!!!

thes compotoer things sux! how r ya suppost 2 right any thing? the keys rn't in order! wheres the oh! theres the q. ys it in the corner like that? gotta ask dizzi when we get back. i'd do the email thing but i might end up doig sometin like last time. kenny still wont buggin me bout it. dont he forget anythin?

so the boat rox!!!! theres a lot of games in the games room. rei like kingdom hearts and he wont let maxie play so maxie's playign animal crossing. its fun cuz we play 2gether. our guy is named dragceil!!!!! he rox!

im hungry that means its food time!!!!!


Current mood: hungry.

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